My daughter

My god what have i created a beauty a dancer a living wonder how can this creature be so tiny yet so tall in my perception this depth of character where will it lead? to experience this earth its people its nature of things unknown and known i am both exhilarated and frightened one day… Read more My daughter


Spunkrat and Night Owl are on IRC (Internet Relay Chat). Circa 1997. Night Owl: hello, am i talking to a void? Spunkrat: A void? Hasn’t anyone told you my dearest – I AM THE void! I asked noid who is the plasterer of woid, what am I noid. Noid replies “you ARE THE void”. What’s that noid? I reploid.… Read more VOID     


She looks his way and their eyes connect He likes what he sees and wants more She shares her voice He likes what he hears and wants more He is alone and full of her memory He likes what he feels and wants more She hugs him He likes her closeness and wants more They… Read more More

Remember Liza?

Well she is back. I’ve just been kissing her in the kitchen. Earlier we hid in it’s darkness for 30 or 40 minutes. Like little kiddies in a secret cave, with the adults looming on the fringes. She is a fascinating bundle of conflicts, passion, and jitters. She flipped and squirmed around the kitchen like… Read more Remember Liza?

Pomodori Pelati

Flying though the darkness Soaring upon a wicked drunkenness She throws herself upon the bench Amongst the dinner’s midnight stench Meets my gaze to hypnotize And fucks me with her eyes Staggering blindly towards her embrace A stupefied smile stretches my blissed-out face Her hand timidly reaches to my waist then nests My hands wander… Read more Pomodori Pelati

The Return

“How long has it been?” “Just over a year” “I can’t believe you’re here” “Neither can I…” We stand apart. Each too nervous to move. I’d once imagined what I’d say to her the next time we met. But now all that seemed irrelevant. Logic told me to make her know the full-force of the… Read more The Return

Jemini Jive

I didn’t quite know how such a bunch of chaotic yet superb looking people came to be at my party. Layla, as always, ravished the dance floor with her chortles, high-heels, and sea of red hair. Dan, the other redhead, his mop ablaze with the intensity of a mad university professor, swept the room, kissing… Read more Jemini Jive

The Fez

I open the gate at a quarter to the hour. She could turn up early. Halfway up the path, I glance backwards over my shoulder. No sign yet. Inside, by an open window. Occasionally peeking expecting to catch a glimpse as she walks up the zig-zag. I’m on the sofa thirty minutes later. Too nervous… Read more The Fez


I find myself in the eye of the whirlpool. It swirls inside a spectrum of colour, multiple light shafts, liquid shapes, and a haze of noise. On the perimeter stands the source of this united chaos. Four stacks of giant speakers connected by a loop of cables converging at a hole in a nearby wall.… Read more Whirlpool

Ponsonby Road

Ponsonby Road in 1974 was a strange and dangerous place – if you were a biker kid. The villa at number 113 was occupied by a gang of bearded and long haired Harley enthusiasts. Winter through to summer they wore heavy dirty black leather jackets carrying the patch “Hells Angels”. Gooba was the ring leader,… Read more Ponsonby Road