Fucked-up people

I love fucked-up people

I love the flatmate who would hug me at night, away with the fairies


I love the mother who bakes cakes, abused by a man five times her age


I love the brother who suffered the same


I love the happy artist, deep in depression


I love the interior decorator, beaten to a pulp by his dad


I love the headstrong girl, chronic pain every day


I love the big friendly activist, psychotic


I love the blond surfer dude, having seizures


I love the good christian uncle, overdosed and died


I love the sports therapist, hitman for a drug lord


I love the hairdresser, shoots up drugs in her tea breaks


I love the Islamic woman who propagates plants, covertly poses nude on the internet


I love the singer, self-inflicted scars all over her body


Fucked-up people are the most beautiful people in the world