Jemini Jive

I didn’t quite know how such a bunch of chaotic yet superb looking people came to be at my party.

Layla, as always, ravished the dance floor with her chortles, high-heels, and sea of red hair. Dan, the other redhead, his mop ablaze with the intensity of a mad university professor, swept the room, kissing everyone in sight with his intellectual wit, wine, and occasionally firmly planting his wet lips on the unsuspecting.

The mystery woman on crutches, when she wasn’t falling under my feet, could be found looming over the alcohol on the kitchen table. I didn’t know it at the time but she would later become my short-term lover.

My girlfriend was somewhere downstairs.

I seriously considered passing-out in the giant haven of tangled wool located in the corner of the bedroom. I found a few minutes of rest, but it wasn’t long before Dan bounded over and gave me the kiss of life, hauling me from under the threads and onto the dance floor…

The attire for that evening was 1920s fashion… feathers, beads, tassels, and wine – lots of it.

What a party… in the hall below a hundred people or more danced to pulsing music. Just a couple of hours before my girlfriend and I had escaped the crowd, locking ourselves in my bedroom.

We could hear the people downstairs, outside, and just beyond the door. That was part of the fun. We fucked on the bed as the sun went down. She insisted we did it without taking any clothes off. She looked gorgeous in her 20s outfit. Fucking in lace. Fucking a 1920s firecracker. Sassy.

We return to the patrons, her lipstick a little smudged, my belt a little crooked. Dan and Layla smile broadly. “So… where have you been eh…?”

By now the party is a little out of control – there’s now around two hundred people. The landlord complains about the noise, some hooligan has thrown a massive pot-plant down the steps. It’s smashed all over the footpath. Time to shut it down… It’s 4am…

With everybody booted out, my girl and I order pizza and eat it down by the iron gates. We watch the sun rise above us as it shines on our last happy memory together.